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What you need from a white label service

What you need from a white label service

  • Someone who understands you and your clients’ needs
  • A focus on sales not PPC operations
  • Value add opportunities for your clients
  • The time to manage client relationships and help them grow
What you need from a white label service

What ROI offers you and your clients

  • Expert and trusted team to execute and deliver
  • Timely and prompt support
  • White label & tailored reporting
  • Proven service model across 1000+ small to medium businesses
  • Advanced service model with upgrade path for your clients
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What you need from a white label service

We handle overflow work so you can scale up your sales efforts

Temporary campaign management if your in-house team members leave

Clear expectation management with white label partners

Senior team with processes and procedures that reflect 10+ years’ experience

Access the best talent without paying huge recruitment fees

Answering the tough questions and don’t hide behind data

Providing unique solutions which give your agency an edge in the marketplace

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OUR 4 Step Engagement Model At ROI we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve made our White Label PPC services as easy as possible for you to integrate into your business.

Step 1


Step 1

STEP 2 Free Audit of Existing Accounts

Step 1

STEP 3 Agree on service model & wholesale pricing

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STEP 4 Get Started

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ABOUT ROI International ROI offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions for businesses worldwide. We specialise in helping companies generate more business through Pay Per Click advertising, using professional techniques that deliver value.

ROI International

What ROI brings to the table

  • Experience managing 2000+ Adwords accounts
  • Australian based company
  • Dedicated paid search & conversion team
  • Flexible service model to meet the needs of your agency
  • Trusted local and international reputation
ROI International

2015 AdWords Milestones We're Proud Of

  • 70% YOY Growth
  • 300-700% ROI on Ad Spend within 3 months
  • 250% increase in leads within 1 week
  • 700% increase in leads to high net worth individuals
  • First lead and sales within the hour
  • 30% sales growth within 1 month – never done before in 25 years

The ROI International Team

The ROI International Team


The ROI PPC team are Google Certified with over 15 years combined experience.

The ROI International Team


Our Conversion team is highly skilled and work closely with PPC to achieve great results.

The ROI International Team


Our specialist Remarketers are at the peak of the industry and ready to grow your brand.

The ROI International Team


The Design team at ROI has over 25 years of collective industry experience.